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How to speed up WordPress website

Fast loading website improves user experience, increase page views, and reduce bounce rate. Whereas, slow loading speed of the page is always an irritating factor that user hates.

This article describes few of the best tips that help WordPress website speed up their website load time.

how to speed up wordpress site

Start with a great framework/theme:

Some default WordPress theme is lightweight and quite speedy.  These WordPress themes also come with a lot of dynamic elements, social icons, widgets and many more shiny elements. For a feature-rich website, you can also choose a theme that uses good framework like bootstrap or foundation.


Reduce image size:

Images are one of the most common speed issues. Images are the major contributors to size increment of a given webpage. The tricks are to reduce the image size without compromising on the quality. If you optimize image manually using Google page speed insights or other tools, the process will take a long time. There are useful plugins available for image optimization

  • WP Smush
  • EWWW Image Optimizer

Using mentioned plugins on a WordPress website will drastically reduce image size, thus improving the speed of your website.

Optimize your homepage to load quickly

There are some best things that you can do to confirm your homepage load rapidly, which probably is the most important part of your website because most often visitors will land there.

Things that you can do include:

  • Remove unwanted inactive plugins and widgets
  • Show excerpts instead of full posts.


Choose a better web hosting provider

Hosting of your WordPress website influences the speed. It seems like a good idea to host your new website on a reliable hosting provider that offers” unlimited space, bandwidth, domains, emails and more”.


The biggest benefit of lowering your website’s loading time is that it will help extremely in improving the experience of your website. Fast page loading speed will also have an effect on rankings in the SERPs.

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