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How to reduce bounce rate

Bounce rate is the number of visitors of single page. It is the number of visit in which a person without browsing any information leaves your website from the landing page. It is one of the most miscalculated metrics in Google analytics. Reducing bounce rate means more engaged visitors and better chance of conversions.  Listed below are few ways to reduce bounce rate.

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Improve your contents Readability:

Lack of readability is one reason that your target customers might leave your website. When your content is readable and legible then user experience begins. Huge portions of text scare readers left, so avoid them. Thus, consumers don’t even get the merits of the content and that doesn’t create a good user experience.

Here are few tips of format of your content and make it readable:

  • When you explain benefits or important point use bullets
  • Throw more light on your topics using subheadings.
  • Use attractive images, screenshots and quotes from industry experts.
  • Use bold keywords a few times. Don’t overdo this
  • At the end of topic use the “conclusion” and make it actionable.

Avoid popups Don’t disrupt the UX:

Most of the visitors still hate the popups, don’t use popups, they irritate the users and lead to higher bounce rate. If you want to build a long-term site that generates lots of organic visitors, then you can totally avoid popups. But some of the popups are designed well and they will convert visitors into long-term readers.

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Create a convincing call to action:

Attract visitors with your content and headlines and built interest of users, don’t miss them with a weak CTA. When you using CTA , each every element matters. Even something as ostensibly small as changing the text on a button can make a huge difference. It can engage users and lead them to a resource page on your site, thus reducing bounce rate. Improve usability with great call to action.

Keep your blog fresh with the right content:

Fresh blog with right content will always yield the best ROI. Updating blogs with fresh and unique content regularly will generate maximum leads. Great content may suggest a “wow” reaction from your readers, and gives them actionable tips to implement and produce result for them. Adding fresh content establish trust. That readers are very knowing and can see through deceptive and controlling tactics.

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Hopefully this article will help you the several ways to reduce bounce rate, but one of the important point is high-quality content that’s keep visitors engaged.

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SEO benefits for startups

Through the implementation SEO is an effectual strategy for an organization, It helps you to increase traffic to your website and website rank will be high which results to the popularity of website. Implementation of sound SEO strategy is best way to reach the heights of success; the strategy includes all spheres of SEO.

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The following characteristics are covered:

  1. Selection of keywords:

Success of SEO largely depends on knowing which keywords you need to target. It is very much important to research the words currently being used to search your product and services, and which words have the least SEO competition. 

  1. Lot of valuable content:

Fresh and unique content and updates will help your rankings, so it’s very important to your SEO efforts that your website doesn’t become inactive. Add the keywords you uncovered in your keyword research, and that makes your content valuable to your audience, it is great way to build up the relationships you share with your prospects and customers.

  1. Commit to social networking:

There are many start-up entrepreneurs, participating on popular social networking sites. Google have acknowledged that social signals, including link shares and brand mentions on some social network status updates, are currently playing a role in natural SERPs rankings, which means that maintain a existence on these sites is vitally important for your start-up’s SEO. Each day invest at least 10-20 minutes posting to social networking sites and communicating with the people who follow your company profile on these sites.

  1. Invest in link building campaigns:

The aim of SEO is to pay attention to link building, as in the process of getting other websites to point links to your content. The, quality, number and importance of the links pointing at your website are all used as quality signals in the search engine ranking algorithms.

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Role of keywords in content

Keywords are very important SEO part. Picking up the right keywords to optimize website will lead to enormous growth, therefore, the first and most essential step to a successful SEO promotion is choosing relevant keywords but in same sense if you select the irrelevant keywords, you are more likely to waste your time and money.


However, there are many ways to decide which keyword to optimize for your business.

1. Keywords are important to understanding:

Before you start researching keywords, you need to consider two things about traffic and competition. Traffic refers to the number of people who search for this keyword every day, while competition refers to the number of other sites trying to rank for the keyword.

2. Choosing the right keywords to optimize:

The first thing you need to do is come up with keywords which further enables content to describe your website. You know your users well and can properly guess what search strings they are likely to use to search for you. When you choose the keywords to optimize for, you need to consider not only the expected monthly number of searches but also the relevancy of these keywords to your website.

3. Keyword density

Keyword density is the percentages of occurrence of your keywords to the text in your webpage. It is very important for your main keywords to have the correct keyword density to rank well in search engines. The best idea is that higher the keyword density, the more relevant to the search sequence a page is but you should also consider that content length is more to use acceptable keyword density smartly.

4. Keywords in URLs:

Your domain name and the whole URL of a site notify a lot about your website. Having keywords in the URL is extremely important but you need to strike a balance between the keywords in the URL, which says that 3 words in the URL is a way too much.

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