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E-commerce trends in 2017

Now days e-commerce continues to grow rapidly, competition will ramp up faster than the total growth of market. If you are to develop a winning marketing strategy you will need to start planning now.

When creating your marketing strategy for 2017 you make sure to consider these enormously important trends:



The most important breakthrough marketing technology is chatbots. It is not to say they’re necessarily the most important marketing tech trend of all, but many of the important trends like big data, AI, VR and the internet of things have been known for a few years now. chatbots have exploded in popularity and come to the attention of marketers. Chatbots help to handle interactions with customers for ecommerce companies. Currently, chatbots are the hottest artificial intelligence topics. For maintaining your clients chatbots become useful marketing tool and they may provide the entire purchase for users.

User friendly content


user-friendly and engaging content visitors to spend maximum time on your website. User can get the information about product or services easily what they need and make smart buying decisions.  Using fresh and relevant content you can engage more and more web visitors towards you e-store. Through professional looking newsletters you can communicate with your potential web customers.

Mobile shopping is skyrocketing


Mobile internet usages have crossed desktop searches, it is important for E-retailers to ensure that their website is fully responsive so that it can work smoothly on different devices and screen sizes.

Crucial points to note:

  • For your E-commerce website develop a mobile application to drive a large number of online shoppers who use mobile apps for online shopping.
  • Developing a mobile friendly website won’t be enough. If you want to increase your sales and increase conversion rate, then you must to integrate mobile wallet functionality into your store. This will help you for your potential customers to make the payments against their online purchase through their smartphone.

Social selling is ongoing to grow quickly


Social media selling is growing rapidly Most of the big online store owners are promoting their brands on popular social media platforms. Generating a good chunk of social traffic to increase proceeds and sales for their web business. for your product and services make sure that you plan a strong social media marketing.

Mobile payment

mobile pay

Mobile payments are on the increase as smartphone operators get used to the magic of uncountable payments. In mobile payment starbucks was a modernizer, becoming one of the first to track it. The success of these category of apps, and the necessity to deliver personalization will help to make loyalty.

Personalization and customization

The main part of the Starbucks app success is in the data it collects, means it can offer personalized deals on the products that customer already buys.


E-commerce business is all about stiff competition, challenges and risks. In order to stand out from the crowd, one needs to track the changing trends main in an Ecommerce industry business.

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E-commerce website design and development

Tips for Hiring a Web Development Firm for Designing an E-Commerce Website

Nowadays the fact is that people first look at the beauty of your website rather than how good you are at functional. They will notify the professionalism and consistency of an online shopping site too. Many online retailers are experts in website design or development but they are experts in selling their product and they will not be aware of the web development and graphic design.


Make your website that is innovative and attractive than others thereby you should know some of the things for hiring a professional designer for designing an ecommerce website.

Know your designers coding skills:

A best designer will know how to create pleasant and attractive website by using different web tool like CSS, XML, HTML and PHP. The designer will combine all his skills to get the result as the client desires and their customer demands.

Portfolio says everything:

Before hiring web Design Company check the company’s previous works or reviews. It is the best proof that you can judge for their capacity in designing an ecommerce website. From company portfolio you can analyze about company performance.

Reference is “A MUST”:

Nobody would trust a business development project to somebody they had not looked on. Act equally for the provisional employee that will produce your online store. You should know about the designers and quality of work and how easily they manage their work.


Online business gives individuals a stage to correlate with the organization and give live analysis about services and items gave by the organization. Hire the right one for their e-commerce platform.

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