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Importance of Vibrant colors to boost UI Design

Vibrant colors are now trendy in a design industry. This is because modern custormers are now exploring the colors that are more obvious

Importance of Vibrant colors to boost UI Design

In the designer’s toolkit, color is one of the most powerful tool. It can draw attention, influence user’s emotions, perceptions, set a mood and actions. It holds more prominence in UI designs today. Bright colors are mostly used in cartoonish designs, entertainment and for elegantly minimalist style focused on business solution.  Furthermore, the application of the vibrant color trend is that it can be useful in many different ways and style to design.

 This article explains you 4 ways to Vibrant Colors that Boost UI Design.



Monotone is one of the most popular way to use vibrant colors in your design technique. However, it palettes include a single color with a mixture of shades and tints. It is easy to generate and help to establish a compact foundation for foreground content, taking care of readability.



Though, this can be same color or contrasting colors with two shades,Duotone is an image clubbed with two colors. . Almost every day duotone is boosting its popularity. It allows you to insert any image with the expressive attributes of any color. Soft and modest mixture of colors are able to create a serious atmosphere. While a mixture of bright color is able to create a sense of happiness and positive mood. Duotone is able to give the text sufficiently of contrast.




This is made a comeback and respire new life into the cheerful color trend. Modern gradients might include multiple colors, radiate from the center, come from a corner or fall horizontally. Gradient create a modern look. Gradients made a comeback and breathe new life into the bright color trend. Gradients can expand visual communication. It makes easy layout on the eyes.


overlay - in Web and graphic design

Overlaying is sifting an image through a colored “lens”. Images with color overlays is fairly easy to create an effect, also popular design choice for a long time. This effect can help to focus users on certain design elements.  Weighty color combinations set more focus on the color.


It is difficult to find a design method that is more fun to pay with than color. Effects of color can be dramatic, impressive and even peaceful. When it comes to working with color then don’t afraid to go outside your comfort zone.

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Awesome tips to create website stand out of crowd

Now a days there are millions of websites on the internet, all are competing for the attention of customers. Ensure that your website is successful and assisting you reach your business goals and building trust with your target audience.

Awesome Tips to Stand out of the Crowd

Tips to Make Website Stand Out of Crowd

Here are some tips to create website design stand out from the crowed

Good Domain Name

Domain is extremely important for website; it is how your customers will access your website. It’s important that the choice of domain name must be related to your product and services.

Article on: Tips to choosing perfect domain name

Attractive Logo:

Creating a company logo is an imperative aspect of perfect branding. It helps target audience remember what your business is about and also separates you from your competitors. The logo must be placed in right location where it can be seen by all visitors once they visit. An attractive logo provides lasting memory for your audience; just think about all amazing logos in today’s world (Like apple), they don’t even have a name attached to it, but still everyone knows who and what it is.

Good choice of colors:

When it comes to web design, aesthetics are important. If you are really trying to stand out than your competitors. While choosing colors, you must stick with those particular colors , that are either concur with your company colors or just peaceful to look at.

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Keep your website simple and easy to ensure it gives user friendly touch to visitors. Adding too many large images, graphics, and other features to the website will not only makes it slow loading, but also it can be distracting and irritating to the website visitors which is not good for business.

Easy Layout:

When crafting through a website, always keep users in mind. Being arranging out the numerous web pages and information, it is important to ensure, it is easy to understand for all users. In contrast, some confused users will quickly lose patience and move on to another site. Always remember to keep your site layout simple.


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How to reduce bounce rate

Bounce rate is the number of visitors of single page. It is the number of visit in which a person without browsing any information leaves your website from the landing page. It is one of the most miscalculated metrics in Google analytics. Reducing bounce rate means more engaged visitors and better chance of conversions.  Listed below are few ways to reduce bounce rate.

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Improve your contents Readability:

Lack of readability is one reason that your target customers might leave your website. When your content is readable and legible then user experience begins. Huge portions of text scare readers left, so avoid them. Thus, consumers don’t even get the merits of the content and that doesn’t create a good user experience.

Here are few tips of format of your content and make it readable:

  • When you explain benefits or important point use bullets
  • Throw more light on your topics using subheadings.
  • Use attractive images, screenshots and quotes from industry experts.
  • Use bold keywords a few times. Don’t overdo this
  • At the end of topic use the “conclusion” and make it actionable.

Avoid popups Don’t disrupt the UX:

Most of the visitors still hate the popups, don’t use popups, they irritate the users and lead to higher bounce rate. If you want to build a long-term site that generates lots of organic visitors, then you can totally avoid popups. But some of the popups are designed well and they will convert visitors into long-term readers.

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Create a convincing call to action:

Attract visitors with your content and headlines and built interest of users, don’t miss them with a weak CTA. When you using CTA , each every element matters. Even something as ostensibly small as changing the text on a button can make a huge difference. It can engage users and lead them to a resource page on your site, thus reducing bounce rate. Improve usability with great call to action.

Keep your blog fresh with the right content:

Fresh blog with right content will always yield the best ROI. Updating blogs with fresh and unique content regularly will generate maximum leads. Great content may suggest a “wow” reaction from your readers, and gives them actionable tips to implement and produce result for them. Adding fresh content establish trust. That readers are very knowing and can see through deceptive and controlling tactics.

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Hopefully this article will help you the several ways to reduce bounce rate, but one of the important point is high-quality content that’s keep visitors engaged.

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Effects of URL shortener’s – all about shorten URL

Shortened url is one of the important tool of marketing strategy, It is an application that change a regular website url into a concentrate one. The shortener url length between 10-20 character long. it reduces the size and complexity of web uniform resource locator’s. This shortened url are used in services like Twitter and other that are bound with a particular number of characters. Shorten URL is the best way to promote easily and it look more professional as compared to long one.


Here are some important benefits of Shortened URLs:

They make links more manageable:

Shortener URL looks clean and professional; It helps to solve the problem of making links more manageable to share. In URL, The long URLs are often difficult to sharing on social network like facebook and twitter.

They can track and compile click data:

URL Shortener can help you get real time data of your link. Using shortener tool, you can easily analyze clicks on your link, location and from which source the visitors are coming. It shows the customers interest and where they are coming from. This particular type of information helps company develop better products and targeted more content.

Share ability:

Shortener URLs looks more attractive and presentable. Short links are more likely to get shared on social media than long ones. Using full URL might not even come with an explanation, while using shortener URL can add more links and content in less space. In twitter we must describe information under 140 characters, if we use full URL we cannot explain properly, using shortener link we can describe more and then link to a webpage easily under 140 characters.

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What can a professional web design Company do that I can’t?

This is a most common question among business owners who are trying to cut costs by designing their websites themselves. We know what you are possibly thinking, What can a professional web designer do that I can’t?


Below are just a few of the many benefits of hiring a professional web designer:

Make a great first impression:

The first impression is one of the important parts, but they are yet more important when you are working with online sales. The website is the first interaction of customers with your business.

Get an edge on the competition:

The professional web designers will not only create a beautiful website but also put in forward of your style are presently big in online marketing. This type of resource certainly isn’t something you should be passing awake.

Provide better customer experiences:

To have better customer access, you should have better website designer. If your website design is not attractive, if it is outdated and clunky, it will be difficult for customers to navigate through it and actually find what they need.

Establish mobile compatibility:

With the best professional designers, you can have mobile capability site which is the complete key element. There are a number of platforms that can access your site.


These were few important benefits that come with hiring professional web designers. Hopefully, this article was useful for you. Get in touch with us

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Website Design in 2017

We have seen a lot of amazing website designs in 2016, and I am excited to see what 2017 has in store for a website and website design. 2017 ensures to bring us some amazing website designs, but if we look forward, we can already start seeing some trends that are sure to control websites in 2017.


Let’s take a look at the website design we can expect to see in 2017.

Beautiful typography:

Typography is one of the powerful visual medium, that able to create the personality and evoke emotion. As device resolutions become sharper and type becomes easier to read on the screen, brands will be looking to push the limits of typography even further to gratify demands of their users.

Advanced animation:

The animation is the best way to engage the user and it performs as unique in their approach to better converse their audience. The animation is the useful mechanic for brands to create significant micro-interaction between themselves and users.


Micro-interactions are delicate, but great ways to interact with a website. They are often found in hovers, click animations, scrolling effects, etc. we have always had these types of design elements, designers are spending maximum time on them, creating them are further useful and more sophisticated one.

Bold colors:

Last year is definitely the year for super-rich colors online. Courageous colors are helped by technological advancements in monitors and devices with screens that are more apt at reproducing richer colors. Using bolder colors in the website design is helpful in attracting the awareness of users, and it’s also a signifier of change for brands. Make sure that your web design in 2017 color choices is bold, engaging, and bang-on trend.


There is a lot of expectation of users as the technology emerges in 2017.  The anticipated designs will most absolutely be seen on some of the best websites yet to come.

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What you must have first, design or content

A website is a medium throughout which audience can access information, services or purchase products over the internet. Having a website enables a business to reach a wider market or potential client base. Nowadays, a website is an undeniable factor to succeed in most industries. The competition of the company makes it vital for any business to boost its presence in the world. Considering these all things, if you want to develop a website you need to consider website design and content, which is one of the most important parts, and what you consider first, content or design for your website? According to our experts, the first preference is always given for design on your website and then content.


Here are some important points on design and content.

The importance of design in a website:

The design of a website is essential because it affects how quickly visitors can find what they are looking for. If it doesn’t catch visitor’s eyes, then they will leave and try on another site- and that is a lost opportunity. A good design will be easy to understand and navigate, assist customers to find what they need and taking you one step closer to making a sale or getting in touch as well. The glowing design will generate better customer traffic and superior user interface will boost conversion- which can generate new business at an exponential rate.

Important Consideration for Design:

  • Navigation:

Navigation is possibly the most important part of a website. The website navigation can make or break a site, which is especially true for robust websites with many pages.

  • Brand consistency:

It is very important for a customer to identify your brand in all forms of communication so they associate your brand position and assure with your business.

The importance of content in a website:

Content is king of your website, it is very important for reasons besides the fact that it literally communicates your company’s brand promise.  Making the message short and to the point, yet warm and welcoming helps the reader to remember the message easier. High-quality content is critical to the success of any website in order to hold visitors and have a high ranking on search engine.

  •  Use social media to promote content:

Social media is one of the best ways to promote your content and generate. Your content should be syndicated, distributed and promoted through social media sites like facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Google+.

  •  Engage the reader: 

Ultimate goal using content should be to inform, engage and entice the reader. All the top search engine rankings in the world cannot make up for a page so hideous content stops to read or continue visiting the site.

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