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How to speed up WordPress website

Fast loading website improves user experience, increase page views, and reduce bounce rate. Whereas, slow loading speed of the page is always an irritating factor that user hates.

This article describes few of the best tips that help WordPress website speed up their website load time.

how to speed up wordpress site

Start with a great framework/theme:

Some default WordPress theme is lightweight and quite speedy.  These WordPress themes also come with a lot of dynamic elements, social icons, widgets and many more shiny elements. For a feature-rich website, you can also choose a theme that uses good framework like bootstrap or foundation.


Reduce image size:

Images are one of the most common speed issues. Images are the major contributors to size increment of a given webpage. The tricks are to reduce the image size without compromising on the quality. If you optimize image manually using Google page speed insights or other tools, the process will take a long time. There are useful plugins available for image optimization

  • WP Smush
  • EWWW Image Optimizer

Using mentioned plugins on a WordPress website will drastically reduce image size, thus improving the speed of your website.

Optimize your homepage to load quickly

There are some best things that you can do to confirm your homepage load rapidly, which probably is the most important part of your website because most often visitors will land there.

Things that you can do include:

  • Remove unwanted inactive plugins and widgets
  • Show excerpts instead of full posts.


Choose a better web hosting provider

Hosting of your WordPress website influences the speed. It seems like a good idea to host your new website on a reliable hosting provider that offers” unlimited space, bandwidth, domains, emails and more”.


The biggest benefit of lowering your website’s loading time is that it will help extremely in improving the experience of your website. Fast page loading speed will also have an effect on rankings in the SERPs.

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Awesome tips to create website stand out of crowd

Now a days there are millions of websites on the internet, all are competing for the attention of customers. Ensure that your website is successful and assisting you reach your business goals and building trust with your target audience.

Awesome Tips to Stand out of the Crowd

Tips to Make Website Stand Out of Crowd

Here are some tips to create website design stand out from the crowed

Good Domain Name

Domain is extremely important for website; it is how your customers will access your website. It’s important that the choice of domain name must be related to your product and services.

Article on: Tips to choosing perfect domain name

Attractive Logo:

Creating a company logo is an imperative aspect of perfect branding. It helps target audience remember what your business is about and also separates you from your competitors. The logo must be placed in right location where it can be seen by all visitors once they visit. An attractive logo provides lasting memory for your audience; just think about all amazing logos in today’s world (Like apple), they don’t even have a name attached to it, but still everyone knows who and what it is.

Good choice of colors:

When it comes to web design, aesthetics are important. If you are really trying to stand out than your competitors. While choosing colors, you must stick with those particular colors , that are either concur with your company colors or just peaceful to look at.

Read full Article on: How to use color in web design


Keep your website simple and easy to ensure it gives user friendly touch to visitors. Adding too many large images, graphics, and other features to the website will not only makes it slow loading, but also it can be distracting and irritating to the website visitors which is not good for business.

Easy Layout:

When crafting through a website, always keep users in mind. Being arranging out the numerous web pages and information, it is important to ensure, it is easy to understand for all users. In contrast, some confused users will quickly lose patience and move on to another site. Always remember to keep your site layout simple.


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How to make visitors to stay on your website?

Having professional website and getting regular traffic on website is very important. The real challenge is making your visitors stay on your website for long time and find out more about your services or product.


Be clear about what you do:
when a visitor visit your site, is it quickly clear about your website services or product. If they cannot make out what you do, they will immediately move on to the next site. Remember, there is genuine reason for which your visitors are looking at your site, They are looking for something to satisfy their need and your job is to help them find the information they need, clearly and speedy.

Make content more readable:

Content is a king of your website. If you have always stopped by a web page that involve of nothing more than a long, continuous piece of dense text, you will miss out genuine reason people think to be on your webiste.

Make your content more readable with the following techniques:

  • Use subheads to break up content into sections
  • Cut paragraphs so that they consist of no more than two to five sentences
  • Add bullet or numbered lists when possible

Read about: Content as a lead generation tool

Add internal links:

Alternative contributing aspect to high bounce rates is the failure to present readers with multiple content options that might interest them. Adding internal link is simple way to keep people on your site longer. However these links also provide some search engine optimization value, it’s important to structure them with the goal of assisting your readers find other information they will like.

Make it user friendly:

Determine that your site must have easy navigation flow and allows visitors to access the information they want within less time. Add white space and images to provide a layout that is easy to catch on the eye. Make it easy for your visitors to contact you.


keeping visitors on your website is essential for organic traffic, as Google gives benefits to sites that are engaging their users. There are many different ways that you can be doing with your website to enlarge the chances that a visitors will stay on your site for a long time.

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How website helps in business branding?

Branding is one of the most important parts of any business; creating the business website that shows the uniqueness of your business and that establishes your brand identity is an integral part of your business success. Your brand means who you are and who you want to be and who people recognize you to be.


These are some points listed below which helps to gain your brand identity:

Strategy and Equity:

Effective and unique brand strategy gives you a most important edge in the increasingly competitive market. And also your brand is how, where, and when to plan on communicating and delivering messages on your business brand.  Where you can promote your brand as part of your business strategy, it leads to strong brand equity and the brand equity frequently comes in the form of perceived quality attachment.


Build a successful business brand name you need to make it unforgettable. A brand has defined on is unique design, symbol, sign or a combination of these, employed in creating an image that identifies a product or differentiates it from competitors.

Logo design:

A logo is a graphic symbol that represents your company. The strong logo is an important part of your branding strategy. It needs to be the visual synonym of your company name, so make sure you also position it in most visual place on your website.


There is another very important thing to consider when branding: uniqueness. By putting an extra effort to create unique content and images, you will not only stand out from your competitors, you will be more excellent.


The brand is the look of your company, uses to establish a consistent message that builds awareness and trust with customers. It takes a time to build a strong brand and requires a clear voice that always differentiates a company from its competitors.

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Why You Need To Update Your Website?

The success of any website venture will rely on the amount of awareness and maintenance that is put into it. A regularly updated website means you get the maximum return on your online investment. There is no better way to promote your business than on the Global. If done correctly web pages make your business, the company easily accessible to anyone with a mobile phone, tablet, and laptop.


Here are some reasons why you need to get on it:

Website speed:

Your website’s loading time is a major factor in people either staying or leaving the site and never returning. Few things are more frustrating for site visitors than slow processing speeds that take forever to download.

Visual appeal:

It is very important to your website should be easy to use and easy to navigate. When people visit your site, they see it as a reflection of your organization. If your website looks professional and is loaded with useful information readers will see you as an influence expert.


This one straight influences your visitors experience with your website. The internet, digital world, and techniques are constantly changing and developing. New web standards appear each year, which dictate new tools and techniques for building a beautiful and functioning website. Thus, if you have website 3+ years ago, it most likely is far after looks and functionality wise. It probably has outdated code that could be slowing down your site’s loading speed and disturbing its responsiveness.


Content is an important part of the website, the first impression of a website would obviously be the general layout, but a reader is visiting your website because they are looking for some useful information. The website content should be considered to be the most important thing. Content should be unique and informative is a very much important factor is encouraging people to revisit your site more often.

Responsive and mobile friendly:

Nowadays every people can spend two hours online on our smartphones every day. The number of mobile users increasing every year, having a website that is both mouse-friendly and touch- friendly is more of an essential than a trend.


You need to update your website to enhance a rich customer and increase your search engine result, ranking and conversion.

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Why your business is not growing?

If you’re frustrated with how slowly your business is growing, there are some reason below:


Unprofessional Logo:

While setting up a new company, it’s essential to create a strong visual brand identity to send the exact message to your target (customer). People do not understand how important the best logo and how beneficial it is to their business. The logo is important to engage the customer in your brand. The awful logo can make your brand come off as unprofessional, assuming anyone notices you at all. A good logo will create instant identification within the minds of your target audience. Be designed in a way that gives some sense of importance about the company.

Unfriendly website:

If you don’t have a mobile friendly website then you are making a big mistake. It’s a mistake that is big enough to cause you keyword ranking and decline in search engine traffic from Google. Certainly, when Google notified everyone about this, it was going to have some impact on traffic. The website should be mobile friendly just not to draw the closer view of visitors but also to increase traffic on your website.


Almost all business realizes this having a website is very important for a successful business. But to realize whether your business is growing with existing website is the main question you should solve.  If you fail to come up with a good visual online presentation of your business, then your number of visitors would be affected. If your page is not updated according to the latest technology, people might be unable to open your website. In order to make sure that you do not have to face that problem, it is highly important to update your website. Redesigning means does not mean changing every single title thing about it including your branding. It means changing the functionality and feels so that visitors can easily find what they are looking for.


Having a business website truly is the foundation you need to improve the success for your business. An attractive logo, mobile friendly website, and modernization of existing website lead to increased number of visitors and assist you to grow your business online.

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Aspects of successful website for business

A Website is one of the most important digital tools for any business to leave an impact on its targeted customers. The impact can be multi-dimensional and long listing and may significantly enlarge opportunity to grow; however, there are potential of facing adverse results as well. Small changes to a website can mean big results for your business.


Following points that you should highlight on your website:

Professional logo design:

Your professional logo design is the icon that symbolically represents your company uniqueness. It is the identifying emblem that people will identify first and foremost that stands proud as a statement of your website, your online presence and your company. People underestimate the value and importance of having the business logo design.

Responsive design:

A responsive design can improve user experience and accommodate everyone, whether they are on a desktop, a Smartphone or tablet, and any other device. A responsive website is all around much easier to manage. With the importance of mobile-friendly websites, take a minute to make sure your web design is the best and fits in every device. This is one of the important factors that could make or break your online business.

Redesign website:

Technology and design style change speedily, so focal point of your business must know that your website is updated with these changes and getting the most out of the new online opportunities that are available.

Redesigning your website can be high return on investment, read more here


A website can be an important tool to any business. Planning, and developing a website properly is the only way to ensure that the website will be successful. Success will ultimately be determined by the customer satisfaction, and the capability to improve the information and services that business offers as advanced technology.

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