A brief view on bounce rate in SEO

A bounce rate means number of visitors who visit your site and leaves immediately without viewing any other webpage.  In Google analytics, you can see a percentage of people who visit to your website leave immediately whether on your homepage or internal page.

bounce rate 1

It the site doesn’t attract its target market effectively then high bounce rate can be interpreted. It can be measured in one of two ways: either crucial the number of visitors who enter the website but bounce before browsing anything other than the main page and determining which visitors leave the site after only a brief time period, mostly five seconds.

Is a high bounce rate a bad thing?

Yes, high bounce rate is bad. Your website success depends on how likely users are browsing and viewing more than one page of your website.

Read about Reason behind bounce rate 

Tool to measure bounce rate

  • The audience summary report gives the overall bounce rate of your website.
  • You can get the bounce rate report for each source.
  • And all traffic report provides the bounce rate for each channel grouping.

How can I decrease my sites bounce rate?

Each and every website is different, e-commerce websites differ from blogs and services related sites. Bounce rate is most likely calculated differently for each type of site. The easiest way to reduce bounce rate is to build your site for people and not search engine. The sites built with user’s perspective are more likely to clasp the visitor’s attention and enables enhance their experience. 

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